Bosele National Provident Fund About Bosele

Bosele National Provident Fund (BNPF) is the successor of former Bophuthatswana National Provident Fund which was established in 1979. After the political changes in South Africa during 1994, the fund was transformed into a fund registered with Financial Service Board in South Africa with new set of rules. Members were invited to participate in the transformation process and amongst names proposed it was decided to name the fund Bosele National Provident Fund. Bosele is an appropriate multi- purpose African name for a retirement fund which could be interpreted to mean “The dawn of a new era”, “The night is over”, or “The bright future is on sight”.


Bosele National Provident Fund (BNPF) is your fund, which has been operating in what is known today as the North West Province for over 30 years. Bosele Provident Fund is not  a new fund.  During these years,  the province and its citizens benefited greatly not only in employee benefits but also in infrastructure development; e.g. housing, shopping complexes, health, education, etc.

* New name, “BOSELE” , multipurpose  name , meaning another opportunity.
* Bosele is bringing along competitive benefits for its members.
* Sound management of employee assets.
* Excellent service to all members of the fund.

Below are some of the questions you might ask yourself before you become a member of Bosele National Provident Fund.  Please click on them to get answers:

* Why should you be a member of the Bosele National Provident Fund?
* How much do you contribute to Bosele National Provident Fund?
* What is your retirement benefit?
* What happens if you are retrenched, dismissed or resigns?
* What happens if you are disabled?
* What happens at death?
* Annual Benefits Statement
* Where do I contact Bosele National Provident Fund to become a member?

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